4th of July

4th of July

今年も、アメリカの独立記念日を祝いました〜Great BBQ! Great Teachers! Great Students and Friends! いつも通り、パパベアーがBBQやりました。キャストン先生の特別ソースを掛けてたリッブズ、チキン、イタリアンソーセージそしてもちろんコズモズの名物のハンバーガー作りました。テディー先生は勉強のためにアメリカに帰りました。。。寂しいけど、彼は明るい未来になるように、祈ります。ヘティー先生は7月の月末にイギリスに帰るので、時間があれば、23日の夜のバイバイパーティに来て、ヘティーにお別れを言ってね♪ また、遊びましょうね〜⭐️

American Burger in Kyoto?

-Nothing says America like a Hamburger- Here is the real deal, right here in South Kyoto. 1/3 pound of 100? Lean Red Beef-  Kozmoz Sesame bun made by the grandma in the bakery down the street with our special recipe and grilled before the yummy goes inside- We call it GOO here in Japan… that means […]

Hot Italian Sausage Sandwich

Straight out of the Italian Quarter, you would swear you were eating at Mama Greco's Ristorante. Kozmoz simmers these thick sausages all day in a tangy italian tomato sauce and serves them on a grilled roll smothered in thick aromatic sauce. Rembember, all Kozmoz drinks are bottomless so drink up!

Philly Cheesesteak!

An East Coast American Icon, the Kozmoz Philly is grilled thin cut beef sauteed with onions n peppers and served on a grilled roll smothered in hot melted cheese and topped with Kozmoz special horseradish dressing. Where can you find one in Japan? At Kozmoz New York Coffee of course and wash it down with […]

Apple Pie!

This weeks special is REAL AMERICAN APPLE PIE!  Now this is something that we wont be making that often cause we we do, it is so tempting that Papa Bears waistline grows just looking at it! 限定スペチャルの Apple Pie はたまにしか入らない〜売り切れなる前に、あなたの分を手にを!